• 产品名称: 300mm Semi-flexible .141”(RG402) Cable Assembly With SMA Male Right Angle To 7/16 Female Bulkhead Connectors
  • 产品名称: Model Number : SMA-JWB3/7/16-KYB3-300

   300mm Semi-Flexible .141”(RG402)  Cable Assembly With SMA Male Right Angle To 7/16 Female Bulkhead Connectors

Model No. SMA-JWB3/7/16-KYB3-300
Connector Type  SMA male right angle connector for Semi-flexible .141”(RG402)  cable
 7/16  female bulkhead connector for Semi-flexible .141”(RG402)  cable
Cable Type(Name)  Semi-flexible .141”(RG402)  cable
Cable Length   300mm (Customized Length Available)
Connectors Interface  IEC 60169-4; IEC 60169-15
Characteristic Impedance    50 ohm
Tipical Frequency Range    DC-6GHz
VSWR   ≤1.15@DC-3GHz; ≤1.25@3-6GHz
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage   ≥1000V RMS,50Hz,at sea level
Working Voltage    ≤335V RMS,50Hz,at sea level
Dielectric Resistance   ≥5000MΩ
Durability    ≥500 cycles
Material and Plating (Connectors)
Parts Name  Material   Plating 
Body  Brass   Tri-alloy
Insulator   PTFE  —
Center conductor   Phosphor Bronze    Au
Coupling nut  Brass   Ni
Fastening nut  Brass   Ni
Washer  Brass   Ni
Gasket      Silicone Rubber   
Ferrule  Annealed copper   Ni
Shrinkable tube   PET    —
Operating Temperature  -45 ℃-+125 
Weatherproof Rate       IP67
RoHs Compliant   Yes
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