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Zhenjiang Coaxial Communication Technology Co.,Ltd specialises in the sales of RF coaxial connectors ,RF connector adaptor, RF cable assembly , Microwave components and installation accessories of mobile base stations. Our products are widely used by Telecom Equipment manufacturer, Telecom operator, antenna manufacturer and Broadcasting equipment manufacturer. They are sold to Asia , North America, middle east, Australia, south America and European markets.

We have strict quality guarantee system and advanced integrated testing equipments which guarantee us to provide excellent products for customers .

Our products range focus on as follows:

  1. RF coaxial connectors and adaptor series :


  2. 1.0/2.3,1.6/5.6,F,BNC ,TNC ,FME,TS-9,CRC9,UHF(PL259),Mini UHF

    MHV and SHV.

  3. N type,7/16 DIN ,4.1/9.5,4.3/10 .

  4. EIA flange connector(7/8”,1-5/8”,and 3-1/8” )

  5. High Frequency Series:SMP,1.85mm,2.4mm,2.92mm and 3.5mm.

  6. Different type RF coaxial adaptor.

 2.  RF coaxial Cable assembly (Jumper Cable)

  1. RG Series coaxial cable assembly;

  2. LMR Series coaxial cable assembly;

  3. Foam Corrugated tube coaxial cable assembly;

  4. JS(D-FB) Series Coaxial cable assembly;

  5. Miniature Coaxial Cable(0.81mm,1.13mm,1.32mm,1.37mm) cable assembly;





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