• 产品名称: 1500mm LMR400 Cable Assembly With N Male Crimp And N Male Crimp Connectors
  • 产品名称: Model Number: N-C-J400/N-C-J400-1500

              1500mm LMR400 Cable Assembly with  N Male Crimp And N Male Crimp Connectors

Model No. N-C-J400/N-C-J400-1500
Connector Type N male crimp connector for LMR400 cable 
N male crimp connector for LMR400  cable 
Cable Type(Name) LMR400 cable 
Cable Length  1500mm (Customized Length Available)
Connectors Interface IEC 60169-16
Characteristic Impedance   50 ohm
Tipical Frequency Range DC-6GHz
VSWR  ≤1.15@DC-3GHz;≤1.25@3-6GHz;
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage   ≥2500V RMS,50Hz,at sea level
Working Voltage   ≤1000V RMS,50Hz,at sea level
Dielectric Resistance   ≥5000MΩ
Durability   500 cycles
Material and Plating (Connectors)
Parts Name Material  Plating 
Body Brass  Ni
Insulator  PTFE
Center conductor  Phosphor Bronze   Au
Coupling nut Brass  Ni
Gasket     Silicone Rubber 
Ferrule Annealed copper  Ni
Shrinkable tube   PET  
Operating Temperature -40 ℃-+85 
Weatherproof Rate      IP67
RoHs Compliant  Yes
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